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For more than 25 years, Greenfield Pavement Coatings has provided paving, sealcoating, striping, and asphalt repair services in Middle Tennessee and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on delivering excellence for each and every customer. We have the tools, knowledge, and experience needed for your job. We’ll get it done, on budget, and on time.

Greenfield Pavement Coatings

When looking for the best asphalt paving company in Portland, TN, you need not look any further than Greenfield Pavement Coatings. Our company stands as the hallmark of quality and excellence in the industry, delivering unparalleled service and satisfaction to our clients. We enjoy a stellar reputation based on commitment, integrity, and customer satisfaction, all rooted in years of experience.

Our teams consist of skilled and trained professionals who excel in all types of asphalt services, from repairing to installing. We carry out our tasks using the best materials and cutting-edge tools, ensuring the durability and longevity of our work. Our signature is the quality, a feature that distinctly sets us apart from competitors.

At Greenfield Pavement Coatings, we value all our clients and go above and beyond to meet their specific needs. Our customer service is beyond reproach, promising prompt responses, friendly service, and a dedicated team more than willing to answer all queries.

Sustainability is a key aspect of our operations. We strive to reduce waste and recycle as much as we can in a bit to conserve our environment. This is an added value that not only benefits us but also our clients and the broader Portland community.

In conclusion, Greenfield Pavement Coatings emerges as the go-to choice for asphalt paving services in Portland, TN. Our unbeatable quality, exceptional customer service, and environmental consciousness make us the best in the business. Partner with us, and be part of the ever-growing family of satisfied customers.

Nestled in the northern region of the Volunteer State, Portland, Tennessee, is a delightful slice of Americana, teeming with charm, history, and a welcoming ambiance.

Portland, fondly referred to as the “City of Pride, Potential, and Progress”, is well-known for its annual Strawberry Festival. Celebrated each May, it is a grand celebration of the area’s bountiful strawberry crop, bringing in visitors from all over with its parade, contests, and plenty of fresh strawberries. This festival has been a local tradition since its inception in 1941, and till today, connects the community to its agricultural roots.

Taking a saunter through the town’s downtown district is a must-do. It offers an array of quaint artisan shops, local restaurants, and historic settings. Among these, Cold Springs School is a favorite. Built in 1857, this one-room schoolhouse still stands, offering visitors a fascinating glimpse into Portland’s educational history.

Railfan Park, another famed stop, boasts a state-of-the-art train viewing platform. With over 20 trains a day, it’s a unique experience not to be missed. Richland Park is a destination any outdoor enthusiast would relish. With a gazebo, playground, and walking trail spread over a sprawling 26 acres, it promises countless hours of leisure.

To wrap up, Portland, TN is much more than a small southern town. It is a trove full of history entwined with modern charm, offering a unique experience with its landmarks and attractions. From the Strawberry Festival to its historic gems, Portland truly encapsulates the spirit of Tennessee.

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